What are the types of d-sub connector

What are the types of d-sub connectors? By looking at the d-sub connector, its interface looks like a capital letter "D", so we usually call this type of connector d-sub, which is an interface connector for analog or digital interface signals. According to its use of different areas and accessories, and divided into a variety of categories. 

 D-SUB connector generally has 9, 15, 25, 26, 37, 44, 62, 78pin, male and female head distinction, TXGA connector has the difference between the needle and the car needle, the current is not the same, generally used is 9, 15pin. It can be classified into: d-sub (punch needle), d-sub (insert end series), d-sub (punch needle double layer), d-sub (sewing needle), d-sub large current + mixed installation. For specific parameters and specifications, please click TXGA connector product center. However, these d-sub connectors are still the most commonly used VGA series and DVI series. 

Typically, the most commonly used ones on our personal computers are VGA series (DA15 male head and female head), parallel port (DB25 female head), COM serial port (DE9 male head) and so on. This type of d-sub connector may be too classified, so people now routinely refer to this type of connector as the DB header.

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