Battery connector construction and related knowledge

A lot of people ask what connectors do batteries need? Does not press directly in the slot to be possible, how also can have the specialized battery connector. Below small make up for you to explain the structure of the battery connector and some small knowledge:

The basic structure of the battery connector is: (1) contact parts (2) insulator (4) enclosure accessories

1. Contacts are the core of connectors that perform electrical connection functions. The contact pair is generally composed of positive contact piece and negative contact piece.

The positive contact part is the rigid part, and the shape is cylindrical (circular pin), square column (square pin) or flat (insert). Positive contacts are usually made of brass and phosphorous bronze.

The negative contact part is the key part of the contact pair. When it is inserted with the pin, it relies on the elastic structure to generate elastic deformation, and generates elastic force to form close contact with the positive contact part to complete the connection. The structural form of jack includes column type (groove, contraction mouth), tuning fork type, cantilever beam type (longitudinal groove), folding type (longitudinal groove, FIG. 9), box type (square jack), hyperbola spring jack, etc.

2. Insulators are commonly referred to as base plates or plug plates. Its function is to arrange the contacts according to the required position and space to ensure the insulation performance between the contacts and the shell. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and workability are the basic requirements for selecting insulation materials to be processed into insulators.

3. The enclosure, also known as the enclosure, is the outer cover of the connector, providing mechanical protection for the built-in insulating mounting plate and latch, and providing calibration when inserting the plug and socket to secure the connector to the device.

4. Attachments are divided into structural attachments and installation attachments. Structural accessories such as clamping ring, positioning key, positioning pin, guide pin, connecting ring, cable clamp, sealing ring, gasket, etc., install screws, nuts, bolts, spring rings and other accessories, most of which have standard parts and ordinary parts.

The above is the battery connector structure and some small knowledge to help you, if there is business cooperation can view the relevant products can also consult our customer service for your online answer!

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