Txga quality assurance, 14 years RJ45 connector manufacturers

As the RJ45 connector manufacturer for 14 years, TXGA has already owned the industry-leading connection technology. Whether with or without filter, TXGA can guarantee the quality. Because we know: demanding is not only the product, but safety.

The RJ45 connectors made by TXGA will be categorized according to their type, whether there is a filter, the Angle of entry, and whether there is a light. If you need to know the product parameters, please click to view: RJ45 connector product catalog.

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The RJ45 consists of a plug and a socket, and the connectors of the two components are connected to the wires to achieve electrical continuity of the wires. At the core of the RJ45 module is a modular jack with a gold-plated wire or socket hole to maintain a stable and reliable electrical connection to the modular socket shrapnel.

After many years of technical precipitation, TXGA has become the connector overall solution architect of major manufacturers. We always take excellent product quality and customer-oriented service spirit to create continuous value for our partners. If you need to know more about RJ45 connector products, please continue to pay attention to TXGA website: https://www.txga.com/

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