How to ensure the safety of wire connector?

How to ensure the safety of wire connector? Conductor connector is one of the most important links in many devices, and ensuring its safety is undoubtedly a way to increase the efficiency of the equipment. Next, TXGA introduces three ways to test connector security:

No1. Measurement of conductor connector resistance

Since the cross section of wire connector is larger than that of wire, and the contact is good under normal conditions, the resistance of connector should be smaller than that of wire of the same length. If the resistance of the connector increases by more than the resistance of an equal length of wire, the electrical contact of the connector has deteriorated. If the resistance ratio of the connector resistance to the conductor of the same length is greater than 2, then the connector is not qualified and should be replaced immediately. According to regulations, copper conductor connector shall be inspected at least once every five years; Aluminum wire and steel-cored aluminum connector shall be inspected at least once every two years. There are two ways to measure the resistance of connector.

1. Live measurement of connector resistance: it is carried out with a special inspection bar. The lines measured in this way must be horizontally aligned, and if triangular, only the connectors on one or two phase wires below may be measured.

2, power failure measurement: when the line power failure, with the battery or substation dc power supply dc current for measurement. The principle of measurement is the same as electric measurement. When the power failure is measured, the wire will not be dropped, and only in special cases, such as the connector on the wire across the valley, the wire will be dropped to the ground for measurement.

No2. Infrared temperature measurement of wire connector

1, wire connector, scope of application of infrared measuring temperature is line wire connection pipe, tube clamp, strain clamp run wire connector, such as part of this element may be defective because of manufacture or installation technology, as well as the mechanical strain increase, long-term vibration, fatigue, overvoltage, acid and alkali metal salt corrosion of dust can cause inside the connector contact surface contact resistance increases, then the temperature increases, when the temperature exceeds 700 c, metal oxide, ultimately lead to component failure. Infrared temperature measurement is an important monitoring method to prevent connector failure.

2, infrared temperature measuring instrument through the use of infrared point thermometer, infrared thermal imaging detector, infrared imaging instrument three, the line testing consideration is convenient and clever, commonly used is the infrared thermal imaging detector, the device is pyroelectric capture tube as the detector, chopper modulate mode of work in uncooled infrared thermal TV.

No3, infrared temperature detection cycle of wire connector

1. In general, important tie lines, important loads and heavy load lines should be arranged once a year.

2. The newly built or overhauled electrical equipment shall undergo an infrared test within one month after loading.

3. Infrared detection should be arranged at any time for conductor connectors found abnormal during inspection, and random sampling can be arranged for load change combined with the change of operation mode.

This article introduces three ways to check the safety of wire connectors. Please read the above carefully for details. Connector products, choose TXGA manufacturers, 14 years focus on all kinds of connectors, advanced technology, strong strength, set connector research and development, production, sales, service in one. Quality is guaranteed, save time and worry. Please continue to pay attention to TXGA official website: https://www.txga.com/, convenient follow-up to understand the connector update dynamic.

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