How to choose industrial connector plug? You need to know how to connect these four TXGA connector plugs

How to choose a good industrial connector plug? Good industrial connector manufacturers are indispensable, and for this you can choose TXGA -- 14-year connector solutions architect. TXGA connector plug mode is divided into four, the following is the details:

1. Bayonet connection mode of connector plug

Bayonet connection is a reliable and rapid way to connect and separate.

Features: most card 121 connectors have a visual display of the correct connection and locking, which can be viewed from the holes in the side of the nut connected by the electrical connector.

2, connector plug thread connection

Introduction: threaded connection is a form of connection that is often used by connector plugs that work in a strongly vibrating environment.

Features: this type of connection can be installed after the completion of the connection to prevent loose fuse, use stable and reliable, but after the connection to remove the speed will be slower.

3, connector plug cabinet connection

Introduction: cabinet connection is used for blind connection of some equipment close to the frame. It can make the electrical equipment lighter and smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable.

Features: this type of connection makes it impossible for the operator to feel the connection, so an accurate positioning device must be designed to avoid the forced connection of the connector plug, making it impossible to insert it by mistake.

4, connector plug plug connection mode

Introduction: plug and pull connection is a multi - purpose connection. Electrical connector plug and socket in connection and separation of its movement direction is usually reciprocating linear movement, do not need to twist and rotation, only need a small working space to complete the unloading. The common plug and pull connection has two kinds of structures: ball or pin.

Features: the connection form because there is no mechanical labor saving mechanism, once mistakenly inserted, the mechanical resistance increases significantly, can be found in time.

The core of this article: about how to choose a good industrial connector plug manufacturers, and about TXGA four connector plug connection mode. You can choose to click on the red bold font to see more about connector plug pictures, property data, and various aspects of the parameters. Connector plug choice TXGA, 14 years focus on all kinds of connectors, advanced technology, strong strength, set connector research and development, production, sales, service in one. Quality is guaranteed, save time and worry. Please continue to pay attention to TXGA official website: https://www.txga.com/, convenient follow-up to understand the connector update dynamic.

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