TXGA new energy connector, new energy industry program application

New energy (NE) : also known as unconventional energy. It refers to various forms of energy other than traditional energy. Refers to the energy resources that have just been developed or are under active research and need to be promoted, such as solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, Marine energy, biomass energy and nuclear fusion energy. And these new sources of energy, will use the existence of the connector.

TXGA provides new energy connectors for new energy applications in industrial solutions.

Create personalized connection services

TXGA connector can be used in accordance with the customer environment and customer customized requirements, design and production to meet the customer's connector. And the professional mold design team, professional connector, connection line engineers to participate in, so that the design has more product characteristics and uniqueness, customization.

Second, build security

Iii. Product line

Engineer: we ensure that every design meets your requirements

Quality inspection: we carefully examine each product sold to you, to ensure that it can meet your needs of each performance and your use of the environment.

Warehouse packing: we provide perfect packing and shipment to ensure the goods are not damaged during the transportation.

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