How does the growth of mobile phone manufacturing affect connector manufacturers in Taiwan?

In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, the connector industry has penetrated into the mobile phone manufacturing industry. The mobile industry is growing, the market demand is gradually strengthening, the mobile phone industry has become a market opportunity, strictly speaking, into the mobile phone connector manufacturing Taiwan connector manufacturers have become more unfavorable advantages.

When comparing Taiwan's mobile phone industry with the PC industry, it is not difficult to see this point. Taiwan connector manufacturers have entered the mobile phone industry quite late, and the market has entered a mature stage. Due to the saturation of Taiwan's PC industry, most Taiwanese companies have rushed into the mobile phone industry, which makes them vulnerable, inexperienced and not easy to enter the mobile phone industry in terms of timing.

The mobile phone industry lacks an assembly market. Taiwan's mobile phones are sold as products to end users, which means there is neither assembly market nor production and processing capacity. Compared with the PC industry, there is no pressure to build brand and retail systems, small and medium-sized connector manufacturers can be bold to participate in the operation, and the mobile industry clearly has greater obstacles in this regard. The lack of flexibility of parts and components is also a major shortcoming of the mobile phone industry. Manufacturers of mobile phone parts use different welding techniques and splicing methods, even welding the internal parts of the phone, making maintenance very difficult.

In addition, the PC system is relatively independent, it consists of many modular products, such as motherboards, expansion slots, etc., they have high standards. These components are flexible and have convenient benefits for connector manufacturers and consumers alike. Manufacturers can change parts reasonably according to different consumer needs, and consumers can get more reliable protection in product maintenance.

The inconsistencies of the phone's architecture are the same as the inelasticity of its parts. The phone is a closed system. If the architecture is inconsistent, then there is no single design, which poses a bigger hurdle for Taiwanese connector manufacturers. Early entry into the reserve price period has become a major challenge for product development. For the PC industry, which has entered the saturation period, entering the low price period is necessary to relieve the pressure. The low price urges the PC industry to re-examine itself and continue to develop and innovate.

Low prices, however, are a source of pressure for the maturing mobile phone industry, affecting outside markets and limiting its own capabilities, and for Taiwanese connector makers just joining the industry, the trend is not only synonymous with throwing wet blankets, but can also be a downfall. This is precisely because of the rapid development of the mobile phone industry, the intensified competition in Taiwan and other regions has posed a huge challenge to the enterprises that are changing the mobile phone industry. It is not enough to make enterprises gain advantages and obtain funds.

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