Rf connectors use lightning arresters to avoid lightning strikes

It is an indisputable fact that rf connector can avoid lightning strike by using lightning arrester. As we all know, natural disasters are major adverse events caused by the natural processes of the earth. Examples include floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters that may result in loss of life or property, and often some economic losses, depending on the resilience or capacity recovery of the affected population and the available infrastructure. Why are lightning arresters so important?

Now people talk about lightning. Lightning can destroy electronics, TVS, battery tower antennas, so installing coaxial lightning arresters with rf connectors is very important. But how to know where should install coaxial arrester, let TXGA tell everybody now: so how to choose coaxial arrester?

The types of rf arresters include trachea arresters, 1/4 (quarter wave) arresters, and the interface types of rf arresters are as follows:

1. coaxial arrester

2. Coaxial N arrester

3. SMA coaxial arrester

4. BNC coaxial lightning arrester

5. UHF coaxial lightning arrester

6. Type F coaxial lightning arrester

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