What are the benefits of overforming diode wire harness components?

What are the benefits of overforming diode wire harness components? The use of cladding overforming techniques in the design of cables or electronic components usually results in smaller components than alternative assembly methods such as mechanical rear shells or enclosures. Smaller overall package sizes help to reduce the size of the equipment. The overforming process can also accommodate additional components, such as diodes for reverse polarity protection or resistors for circuit analysis.

We know that diodes, or crystal diodes, may be just electronic parts that send a current in one direction, but small parts can be of great use. It is a device with two terminals joined by one part number, having the property of making current flow or not flow according to the direction of applied voltage. The crystal diode is a p-n junction formed by p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor, which forms a space charge layer on both sides of its interface and has a self-built electric field. When there is no applied voltage, the diffusion current caused by the difference of carrier concentration on both sides of p-n junction is equal to the drift current caused by the self-built electric field and is in an electrical equilibrium state.

For diodes that require a small volume, wire harness assembly overforming technology reduces the size of the device, and overforming technology can also accommodate additional items in the assembly, thus protecting the diode in the circuit very well.

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