Safe and power-saving usb3.0 connector socket

We've talked about USB3.0 connectors in the connector category before. USB3.0 has a transmission rate of about 3.2Gbps (320MB/S) and a theoretical maximum of 5.0Gbps (500MB/S). Usb3.0 connector socket is a safe and power-saving, with USB interface universal socket, including socket body.

USB bus seat is arranged on the socket body, and linkage switch and USB socket are arranged on the USB bus seat. The input end of the charger module is in parallel with the output end of the linkage switch. The positive and negative poles of the output end are connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply end of the usb socket. The input end of the linkage switch is connected to the power supply.

TXGA utility model attach more than one usb port on the general switch, and makes the usb socket only if there is a need electricity connected with grid, it has not only need to use usb plug wire will use the low voltage electrical appliances with general switch on the usb port connection to the advantages of using low voltage electrical charge, but also the device has not connected to the power supply for a long time, extend the service life of equipment, the advantages of saving electricity, eliminate hidden dangers.

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