TXGA PCB connector product

PCB printed circuit boards can be installed on a variety of connector products, TXGA has a wide range of signal and power interconnection product portfolio, including a variety of high-density, high-speed board to board, cable-to-board and cable-to-cable connectors designed for automated assembly. These connectors provide excellent performance in both low-voltage differential signals and embedded applications.

Our PCB terminals support wire to PCB terminals; Our PCB tap can power the PCB. Our flexible printed cable (FPC) is ideal when small pin spacing cannot accommodate large wire - to - board interconnections.

PCB connector provides more reliable connection in electronic equipment

In military aircraft, our baseplate connectors provide strong connections between embedded computing system components. In consumer and commercial equipment, our universal end and Mini connectors provide affordable wiring solutions to meet power or signal needs. In household stoves and ovens, this connector establishes a reliable connection to a printed circuit board via a semi-automatic or automatic machine. In mobile and wearable devices, our shrapnel terminals provide grounding and low-voltage power connections. In the server and router, TXGA connector produces very low noise, low insertion loss and almost no diagonal cutting, realizing design flexibility and high design margin.

With TXGA's PCB connector, you have the flexibility to customize your design and push bandwidth in a rugged package to help you reliably solve unique connectivity challenges. If you need a special type of connector product, please contact TXGA customer service.

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