0.80mm board mounting socket _ stand stick (9T) products

TXGA updated 0.80mm board mounting socket, vertical stick (9T) products, sales drawings, the following is the type of line to the board connector product detailed parameters:

Product number: FWF08001

Type: board socket 0.80mm vertical sticker

In labor: in labor


Delivery cycle: 1 week

Board socket 0.80mm vertical paste product type

Type: board socket stand stick

The number: 2-12,14,16. 20

Spacing: 0.8 mm

Product height: 2.8mm

Board socket 0.80mm vertical sticker product electrical:

Rated current: 0.2A AC(RMS)/DC(AWG36)/ 0.5A AC(RMS)/DC(AWG32)

Rated voltage: 30V AC(RMS)/DC

Contact resistance: 20 m Ω Max

The insulation resistance: 100 M Ω Min

Voltage resistance: 200V AC R.M.S.

Operating temperature range: -25 ° C~+85 ° C

Product materials:

Material - metal: phosphorous bronze

Material - contact plating: gold/tin

Material - end plating: gold/tin

Material - resin: PA9T ul94v-0

0.80mm board mounting socket _ stand stick (9T) product picture

0.80mm board socket _ stand stick (9T) product sales drawings

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