1.25mm wire end plug rubber shell products

TXGA online to the board connector product list, updated 1.25mm line end plug rubber shell products. You can read below for product details:

Name: 1.25mm rubber shell of wire end plug [click on red font to know product price or purchase]

Number: FHG12502


Delivery cycle: 2 weeks

Type and parameters of rubber shell for 1.25mm wire end plug

Type: wire end plug rubber shell

The number: 2-15

Spacing: 1.25 mm

Form a complete set of socket: FWF12504, FWF12505 FWF12506, FWF12507

Supporting terminal: FT12501

Operating temperature range: -25 ° C~+85 ° C

1.25mm wire end plug rubber shell product material

Material - resin: PA66 ul94v-0

Picture of rubber shell of 1.25mm wire end plug

Sales drawings of 1.25mm wire end plug rubber shell products

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