Knowledge of heat-shrinkable cable accessories

TXGA can provide quality, safe and reliable heat-shrinkable cable accessories, you need the product details have been listed in the TXGA product center. The following is the knowledge of heat-shrinkable cable accessories:

What are heat-shrinkable cable accessories?

Heat-shrinkable cable accessories, commonly known as heat-shrinkable cable head, are widely used for intermediate connections and terminals of cross-linked cables or oil-immersed cables with voltage grades of 35KV and below. Compared with the traditional cable accessories, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, safety and reliability, convenient installation and so on. Products conform to GB11033 standard, long-term use temperature range of -55℃ ~ 105℃, aging life as long as 20 years, radial shrinkage rate ≥50%, longitudinal shrinkage rate <5%, shrinkage temperature of 110℃ ~ 140℃.

Heat-shrinkable cable accessories materials and applications

The materials used are generally composed of blends of polyethylene, ethylene - vinyl acetate (EVA) and ethylene - propylene rubber.

This kind of product mainly USES the stress tube to deal with the electrical stress concentration problem. In other words, the parametric control method is adopted to alleviate the concentration of electric field stress.

Main advantages of heat-shrinkable cable accessories

Light weight, easy installation and good performance. It's cheap.

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