Printer usb cable products

The printer USB cable you need is shown in the TXGA USB type-b connector product list. You can sign up for the site and get the price, materials, and properties of the product. [online bulk order is available]. The following three USB type-b connector products are recommended:

Product 1: FUS213 USB B 4 contact 90° plug-in master

Type: USB B type 4 contact 90° plug-in base (perforated)


Delivery cycle: 2 weeks

Product 2: FUS248 USB2.0 B/M three-piece set type A (small wire clip)

Type: usb2.0b /M white rubber core welding wire type three-piece terminal contact gold-plated 1u" A small wire clip (welding wire type)


Delivery cycle: 2 weeks

Product 3: FUS302 USB 3.0 B/F 90° plug-in terminal gold plated copper case

Type: USB 3.0b /F 90° blue rubber core plug type copper shell (perforated type)


Delivery cycle: 2 weeks

Printer usb cable development knowledge

What is a printer cable

A printer cable is a cable that connects a printer to a computer.

Printer cable classification

Generally, USB port is connected to the computer on one side, and PIN5 port is connected to the printer on the other side. The transmission speed is fast and can be hot-plugged. After the connection is completed, the printing driver can be installed to print normally from the computer. Generally divided into USB print cable and parallel print cable:

1, parallel print line

A print line that transmits data in parallel, but has been largely replaced by a USB interface because of its vulnerability and slow speed.

2. Serial printing line

Serial port, also known as serial communication interface (usually referred to as COM interface), is an extended interface using serial communication.

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