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About SCSI series products, TXGA has been updated in the product center. You can click on the SCSI connector, SCSI connector, for details. Ps: registered users can view the complete attribute information of SCSI series products.

TXGA is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on the production and development of SCSI connector line for 14 years, perfect service process, free large-scale factory, complete equipment. In order to facilitate the majority of users to order quickly, TXGA launched the connector mall official website. You can register the member directly here, check the product price, bulk select the SCSI products you need. If you need another customized connector, please contact online customer service in time.

TXGA provides SCSI connector with high speed data transmission, contact stability and high characteristics, is a computer and intelligent equipment between such as hard disk, floppy drive, optical drive, printer, scanner, system level interface of the independent processor standard interface.

TXGA launched SCSI connector products complete specifications, and can be customized according to customer requirements a variety of length of wire and plug. SCSI connection line industrial grade PLC signal transmission line, use locking structure plug, make the product use more firmly; Its wide range of application servo motor, industrial equipment, machine arm and other industrial applications.

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