TXGA introduces the development trend of automobile connector

TXGA introduces the development trend of automobile connector

At present, the global automobile connector accounts for about 15% of the connector industry, and it is expected to occupy a large proportion in the future driven by automobile electronic products. In terms of product cost structure, China now every car uniform use of connector cost only a few hundred yuan, and foreign connector cost of every car about $125 ~ $150, China's car connector market has great development potential. There will be 600-1,000 electronic connectors per car, far more than there are today.

In the future, China is expected to become an important consumer base for global automobile convergence. In addition to the existing leading international manufacturers, other manufacturers who have not set up factories in China will gradually establish consumer bases in China to supply local auto parts manufacturers due to the influence of local demand, outsourcing procurement, cost advantage and other factors.

Therefore, in the future, China's automobile connector industry will be a very competitive market for foreign enterprises and foreign enterprises in China! China will also become one of the important consumer countries of automobile connectors with the development of foreign enterprises and enterprises from other countries. Future foreign enterprises, foreign enterprises, three - funded enterprises who will become China's automotive connector hegemony will wait and see!

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