What are the benefits of car connectors in use

What are the benefits of car connectors in use? TXGA details for you

Speaking of car connector, in fact, the development in our country is not particularly mature, according to an effective report, the car connector of a car abroad is generally 400 or so, and the car connector of home is mostly 100 up and down, by contrast, the gap came out.

Automobile connector in our driving role also nots allow to ignore, there may be a lot of people are not very clear what is a car connector, popular will, car connector is a kind of connected devices, a lot of things we can not use in car, because the interface is different, we use the general electrical appliances or anything get in the car can't use, and have the car connector, it is no longer a problem, such as current and popular car mp3, car dv, etc., when we are on a long road, suddenly found that mobile phone without electricity, this time, We can charge the phone by putting it on a car connector.

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