Connector manufacturer ranking [selection], connector brand daquan

According to the network material made a list of brand connector manufacturers, you can refer to the reference:

The following is the abbreviation of brand connector manufacturer

Occident factory: AMP, MOLEX, FCI, SAMTEC

Japanese factory: JAE, HRS, JST, JAM, SMK, ELCO, NTK, IRIS



The following is a detailed list of some connector manufacturers

1. Tyco /AMP AMP connector ---------- in 1998, the company acquired AMP connector and became the leader in connector industry. The products are widely distributed in automobile, computer and surrounding industries. Delivery time/quality cannot be generalized.

2. MOLEX MOLEX connector -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do terminals, plastic shell scratch and is now sold in mainland China the most or terminal plastic shell, is the world of consumer electronics connector, but for most of the 5 XXXX (Japanese), 9 XXXX (Europe), 7 XXXX (native), 4 XXXX (native) the material of these series, delivery is very scary. The quality is certainly ok.

Amphenol---- -- it has become the third largest connector in the world through acquisitions and mergers. It is very famous in military industry, aerospace/aviation, and communications. In 2005, it acquired teraida, increasing its competitiveness in the high-speed communication connector market. However, he does not have a unified website like TYCO, Molex connector, different products, different branches, different websites, a total of dozens of websites are belonging to AMPHENOL. Product search is a headache and prices are messy. However, because different branches are competitors to some extent.

JAE---------- Japan aviation electronics, mainly do computer peripheral, automobile connector and communication connector, but in the mainland, mainly is the FPC and other precision connector more famous.

Japan pressed the terminal connector ------------ -- Japan pressed the terminal, mainly making the line to the terminal of the plate, the glue shell and the WAFER, etc., there have been a lot of imitation products in China. Some new products are also being developed.

HIROSE HIROSE HIROSE connector in Japan -------- -- HIROSE HIROSE in Japan, except military industry, aerospace/aviation did not involve, other industries have done, but in the mainland, mainly is the FPC and other precision connector is more famous.

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