How to apply for the invoice after the connector is purchased online by scarlett F2C?

Hello, dear users, thank you for your support to TXGA!

In order for you to use the TXGA connector ( more simply and conveniently, we have made a plan. Regarding the invoice application that you may need to use when placing an order, I hope it will be useful to you!

1. After you have completed the online purchase of connectors on Txga F2C, you only need to log in to your user background (, and then complete the following operations.

2. After logging in, here, you can find the invoice application address you need ( As shown:

3. Fill in the order invoice application of your choice.

4. Please note that the postage will be paid on the paper invoice under the amount of 500, and the postage is free for the above 500.

5. The e-invoice needs to fill in the email address and mobile phone number, we will send it within 72 hours, please check it carefully.

Thank you again for your support of TXGA connector!


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