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Using cost-effective high-speed cables, you need professionals to design the connection scheme

High-speed cables are called Direct Attach Cables or DAC cables for short. The connector module on the high-speed cable does not have expensive optical lasers and other electronic components, which greatly saves cost and power consumption in short-distance applications. It is popular as a low-cost and high-efficiency communication solution to replace optical modules. It is widely used in data center interconnection scenarios such as SATA storage devices, RADI system scenarios, core routers, 10G or 40G Ethernet. TXGA produces a variety of high-speed cable specifications, an independent procurement platform, and supports online selection, proofing, and purchase. Click to enter [Product Center] to place an order online and find the goods in seconds.

Compared with traditional copper cables, high-speed cables have higher performance, faster speed, lower cost and better heat dissipation than optical fiber cables. But at the same time, it is large and heavy, and it is easily affected by electromagnetic interference. So it is a product suitable for short-distance wiring in data centers. High-speed cables are accepted and used by more and more users with significant advantages such as high cost performance, high performance, high speed, high composite, and low loss, and become the first choice for high-speed data communication solutions. To quickly choose a low-cost and high-performance connection solution, what you need is a connector system architect.

TXGA is committed to providing reliable and systematic connection solutions for high-precision industries. An independent R&D team composed of hundreds of engineers meets the individual needs of different customers. Together with innovators, TXGA provides unlimited possibilities for convenient and connected life.