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Broadband access effect, better effect with data cable

With the rapid development of optical communication technology, optical cables have been widely used in the backbone network and interoffice relay lines of my country's wired communication network, and it has become an inevitable trend for optical fibers to enter the access network. However, considering the cost issue, it can be foreseen that for a long time before the popularization of optical fiber, the subscriber lines of the access network will still be mainly metal cables. Among metal cables, data cables are currently the ideal transmission media for broadband access networks. They have the advantages of low manufacturing cost, simple structure, good scalability, and easy network upgrades. They are mainly used for building integrated wiring and community computer integration. Wiring, etc. TXGA provides safe, reliable and efficient data cables. Click to enter [Product Center] to purchase online.

The data cable has a small cross-section core wire, good shielding performance and high flexibility. It can be used in miniaturized equipment in modern electronics industry. Data cables can also provide different types of shielding, such as: single-layer or double-layer shielding, tinned copper winding shielding or braided shielding. These shielding can well prevent the cable from being interfered by high frequency from the outside, and it is a very ideal broadband access network medium, which is deeply loved by consumers. As a data cable used to connect computer equipment to each other, it also needs to be constantly adjusted and updated to meet new technological developments.

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