TXGA real-time order status online update

The TXGA website consists of two parts: online interaction and offline response systems. The entire site data is connected to the company's internal server to provide the latest ex-factory prices and inventory quantities of products in real time.

The order status includes:

1) Wait for payment

2) Scheduled production

3) Waiting for delivery

4) Shipped

5) Shipped

6) Delivered

7) Transaction completed

You can directly view the detailed production progress online. Timely update, full visibility, convenient for you to control time flexibly. Save you a lot of communication and query energy.

At the same time, the TXGA online platform supports logistics check anytime and anywhere, and the website updates the logistics nodes in real time, so that customers can control the transportation process and arrange the handover in time, creating a more convenient, fast and safe cargo transportation and information consulting network for customers.


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