The correct way to crimp the connector

In everyday life, many electronic devices use connectors. Generally, the device is connected by a crimp connector. At this time, some bad problems may occur. There are two possibilities. One may be the quality problem of the connector product, so try to select some special type connectors. use. Another possibility is that the method of crimping the connector to the device is incorrect. What is the correct way to connect the crimp connector? The following is shared by the connector manufacturer TXGA!

The correct way to crimp the connector connection:
1. After the crimping of the connector is completed, it should be tested externally to see if there are any problems, and it is OK to confirm the crimping process.

2. When the connector is crimped, the position should be correct and the height should be accurate. The pressure connector should pay attention to whether there is a cable head and whether the air pressure is within the specified range.

3. When the connector is automatically crimped, the crimping operation should be smooth, the interface should be accurate, and the tension of the wire should be suitable.

4. Before using the connector to crimp to the device, read the product's manual first to see that the connectors and wires are sized to meet the connection requirements of the device.

5. Pay attention to the depth of the crimping of the connector. Because the crimping depth of different equipment is different, if the connector is not strictly observed during the crimping, it will lead to product failure, and the consumer will bring serious damage if used.

In fact, the performance and quality of the product is also important when crimping the connector, because the performance and quality of the product will also be affected. Therefore, besides paying attention to some matters when the connector is crimped, it is also necessary to pay attention to the performance quality of the product equipment.

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