Row pins and female connectors

Choose and buy the connector of pin and master, preferably TXGA. More than 10 years of experience in connector development and production, providing innovative and reliable systematic connection solutions. In this paper, some common points to pay attention to when purchasing pin and pin connector are summarized and processed by TXGA:

I. function of the connector for the rows of pins and mothers:

Its function is to act as a bridge between the blocked or isolated circuit in the circuit, taking on the task of current or signal transmission. The utility model is usually combined with a plate-to-plate connection; Or with the electron harness end form a complete set use, constitute the board pair line connection; It can also be used for connecting board to board independently.

Ii. Processing process of pin and matrix connector:

The insert needle is processed with brass (or phosphor bronze) as required first, and then plated with nickel and gold as required, and then the insulator part is processed with a mold, and finally the insert needle is inserted into the insulator in accordance with the size requirements of the special equipment.

Iii. Application scope of the connector with row pin and row master:

This kind of connector is also very widespread, is quite common in the circuit board, is widely used in the electron, the electric appliance, the instrument in the PCB circuit board.

Iv. Common problems of pin and pin busbar connectors:

The quality of the connector is the basic factor that affects the electrical performance and technology, the common quality problems are: lack of needle, unqualified flatness, insufficient holding force, plastic can not reach the standard of temperature resistance, etc.

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