Specification of female connector

What are the specifications of busbar connectors? How to classify types? At present, the market is usually in accordance with the spacing of the mother, the number of rows, installation methods, divided into a variety of, but not perfect. The following 14 years TXGA bus connector manufacturers will make detailed classification:

0.8 1 row mother according to spacing division: MMM, 1.0 MM, 1.27 MM, 2.0 MM, 2.54 MM spacing between the rows.

2. The busbar is divided according to the height of the plastic and whether there is a convex point, and the convex points are divided into semi-convex and full-convex.

3. Row mothers are divided according to the number of rows: single row row, double row row, third row row and fourth row row row.

4. Layout according to the installation method: 180 degree layout (straight layout), 90 degree layout (bent foot layout), SMT layout (SMT layout).

5. The mother row is divided according to whether it needs to be increased and whether it needs positioning column: one is the inner column of the mother row positioning, and the other is the positioning column of the mother row ear.

6. Type of mounting terminal: u-type terminal and y-type terminal.

7. Packing of row terminals: disc packing, coil packing and bulk packing.

8. Bus terminal material: brass, phosphorous bronze.

9. Plastic materials: PBT,PA46, PA6T,PA9T, etc.

10. Plating the surface of the bus terminal: gold plating, tin plating, nickel plating, imitation gold.

The above is the specification of 10 kinds of bus connector classification, hope to help you some. For more information about the products and connectors, please continue to pay attention to the TXGA official website :https://www.txga.com/

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