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Who is the best connector manufacturer in Shenzhen ?TXGA is the best choice for you.TXGA Industrial Electronics (S.Z)Co.Ltd, a leading connector supplier of Industry which was established in 2005, and specialized in the connector products with range of applicability and technology-oriented customized services.  

Why choose TXGA?

一、 Mature technology, higher quality.

TXGA has provided innovative and reliable systematization connection solution for high-tech fields such as automobile, military and aviation for more than fifteen years, to served more than 2,000 customers such as China Aerospace, China CRRC, GM and BYD, with excellent product quality and customer-oriented service spirit, so that continues created value for partners.

二、Excellent connection technology

In the development path of more than ten years, TXGA has already won the honorary title of “National High-tech Enterprise”, and hold 3 invention patents and 30 utility model patents. TXGA always adhere to international technical standards, to lead other domestic connector companies with excellent R&D capabilities.

三、Perfect connection service process , low time costs

TXGA realizes the digitization of service flow, such as the pre-sale consultation, transaction and after-sale technical support can be completed online. Digital service can greatly reduce the order lead time, make the customer's R&D and production cycle more flexible and efficient, then they can capture market opportunities.

Continue to provide flexible and efficient connector solutions, continue to create value for partners.  Shenzhen Connector Company -  TXGA, your first choice!

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