Understand the three major categories of electrical connectors to help you choose the right electrical connector products

In all kinds of military aircraft and weapons and equipment, the amount of electrical connectors is large, especially the amount of electrical connectors used on aircraft is large. Generally speaking, the use of an aircraft electrical connector can reach hundreds to thousands of pieces, involving tens of thousands of lines. This shows, its importance is apparent one spot. There are many kinds of electrical connectors, how to identify when you choose to buy? Refer to the electrical connector classification summarized by TXGA connector manufacturer:

according to the appearance of electrical connectors classification, can be divided into circular electrical connectors, rectangular electrical connectors. The following is the purpose analysis of these two connectors:

1. Due to the characteristics of its own structure, circular electrical connectors account for a large proportion of the consumption of military equipment (aviation and aerospace).

2. Rectangular electrical connector is more suitable for printed circuit board of electronic equipment due to its simple structure.

Classification by electrical connector structure:

1, according to the connection: thread connection, bayonet (fast) connection, card lock connection, push-pull connection, direct plug connection.

2. According to the contact body end connection form: pressing, welding and winding; Screw (cap) fixation.

3, according to the environmental protection points: environmental electrical connectors and common electrical connectors.

according to the electrical connectors use classification, can be divided into: radio frequency electrical connectors, sealed electrical connectors (glass seal welding), high temperature electrical connectors, automatic separation electrical connectors, filter electrical connectors, composite electrical connectors, airport power electrical connectors, printed circuit board electrical connectors.

The above is the electrical connector classification and expansion of products, by TXGA industrial connector manufacturers. To purchase, please click on connector product center for more categories.

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