Master the four factors that affect the performance of FPC connectors to double the efficiency

FPC connector is often used in LCD display to drive circuit (PCB) connection, it is mainly used in a variety of digital communication products, portable electronic products, computer peripherals, measuring instruments, automotive electronics and other fields. Such as common: mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, small electronic devices and other important areas. And the quality of its performance can often directly affect the electronic products themselves, so the FPC connector has become an important part in the electronic field. However, the performance of FPC connectors is often affected in many ways, and poor usage is likely to cause damage. What are the factors that affect the performance of the FPC connector? Here are five:


The FPC connector will also accelerate the corrosion of the internal metal components of the connector in the humid environment, leading to the damp surface of the needle core, the plastic film will also be slowly affected by its corrosion. So generally for the installation environment of FPC connector do not apply to too humid environment. There are also FPC connectors used in harsh environments, for the connector pores will be corrosion, but also lead to internal pin edge deformation, surface some metal particles material will also be corrosion. Therefore, do not use connectors in high temperature and corrosive environment.

2、the temperature

The FPC connector will accelerate the corrosion of the needle core under the working environment with too high temperature, forming the surface oxidation and causing the loss of contact pressure. And the working temperature is not to heat, which is also likely to directly burn connector phenomenon.


With the use of the FPC connector for a long time, the wear life between the needle core will also be reduced, so in the daily use of the FPC connector, please pay attention to the unnecessary use of the connector, do not casually plug connector, so as to avoid the internal needle core wear, thus reducing the service life of the connector.

4、plug and pull force

The insertion force of FPC connector is an important mechanical property. The insertion force is divided into the insertion force and the extraction force. The requirements of the two are different.

These are the four factors that affect the performance of the FPC connector. If you can understand these factors in the process of use, you can improve the life cycle of electronic products. To learn more about connector products, please continue to pay attention to txga official website :https://www.txga.com/

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