How to understand the reliability of electronic connectors?

Many customers in the choice of electronic connector manufacturers, many only consider the price, but TXGA reminds you that quality, safety and reliability is the priority choice. So how do we understand the reliability of electronic connectors?

one、reliability of electronic connectors can be considered by the following factors:

1. Product design and materials for product manufacturing

2. Operating environment

3. The environment in which the function is required to be applied, especially temperature, humidity and corrosion, determines which failure mechanism will be affected by itself, while the function of the connector determines how much failure is allowed.

two、The connector reliability evaluation procedure includes the following contents:

1. Determine acceptable criteria for application, including terminal resistance and other failure modes. Identify and classify the failure mechanism according to the importance of the application.

2. Developed test programs to deal with the failure mechanism in the application of prediction, arranged and graded.

3, set the acceleration factor, if possible to do special testing.

4. Make appropriate data analysis and statistical processing according to the data obtained from the appraisal procedure.

5. The steps above to evaluate reliability depend on engineering judgment. The manufacturer and user of the connector should agree on the content and method of the authentication procedure.

three、Connectors are defined in terms of function and structure:

Electronic connectors provide a detachable connection between two subsystems in an electronic system without unacceptable impact on system performance.

2, separability is the reason we want to use connectors, convenient for the maintenance of a system's subsystems or parts, upgrade, at the same time, this connection on the performance of the system can not produce any unacceptable impact. For example, signal absorption, attenuation, power loss. The requirements for detachable and unacceptable limits depend on the specific application requirements of the connector.

3. According to the definition of structure, connector has four structural elements, which are: A, contact interface B of terminals (interconnection), surface treatment C of terminals, reed D of terminals and housing of connectors.

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