Three major categories of connectors

In this paper, three major categories of connectors are summarized by TXGA through network materials. Connectors, also known in the industry as connectors, are devices that connect two active devices to transmit current or signals. However, usually we need to know the classification of connectors, so that we can more clearly choose what we want to buy. Here are the three major categories of connectors:

1. According to the technical development and actual situation, it can be divided into low-frequency circular connector, rectangular connector, printed circuit connector, rf coaxial connector, optical connector and so on

2. According to the appearance and structure, it can be divided into a circle and a rectangle

3. According to the working frequency: can be divided into low frequency and high frequency

Through the above, we know it is not difficult to: coaxial connector is belong to the circular, printed circuit connectors to rectangular, historically, printed circuit connector is separated from the rectangular connectors, the current relatively popular in the rectangular connectors its cross section is trapezoidal, more like a rectangle, which is bound to differentiate with 3 MHZ, can be divided into low frequency and high frequency wireless wave frequency division and is basically consistent.

Above is the connector three categories of all content, if you need to know more about the product content, please click to view the "connector products" or continue to pay attention to the collection of TXGA official website: https://www.txga.com/

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