RF connector signal 6 big features

RF connector signals have their own unique characteristics, in the transmission process requires a unique medium, the corresponding connector is also very special. Below small make up for you to introduce the RF connector:

1. It has many varieties and specifications, now there are more than 20 universal series, and other varieties and specifications are more

2. The mechanical structure ensures the electrical characteristics, which is an electromechanical integration product, fundamentally different from other low-frequency connectors

3. Most parts are machined by turning machine, which requires high requirements for manual work and is difficult to be automated

4. The update is slow

5. The most important part of electrical connectors is labor-intensive products with certain technical content

6. Reliable, complex failure mode and failure mechanism

[some problems in the industry]

Some enterprises are weak in strength, small in production scale, and conservative in the idea of participating in competition. In many places, vicious competition of low-cost sales has emerged, which makes them unable to adapt to the needs of the new era. These problems affect the domestic economic development and should be paid attention to. But the company has begun to focus on improving these problems do digital business management, and the investment to cultivate a large number of RF connector professionals, is committed to improve the precision connector technology and table sticking technology, not worry about the influx of foreign capital and passive transfer and other issues!

Above small make up about some characteristics of RF connector advantages and some problems in the industry, in fact, compared with other industries of electronic components RF connector development time is the shortest. The United States, Britain, France and other countries RF even machine technology are in a leading position, our country certainly can not lag behind! The development trend of modern science is faster and faster, RF connector is more important, all kinds of new technology products, RF connected machine will have a big market in the future.

The original RF connector signal 6 characteristics, and related development. If there are related RF connector business consultation cooperation can contact the site customer service commissioner for your service!

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