Current market - detailed explanation board to board connector application demand!

The board-to-board connector is one of the connector products with excellent transmission capacity in the current market. It is mainly used in data communication, telecommunication, automobile, industry, consumer goods, medical, new energy, military supplies, computer and computer peripheral equipment and other related fields. According to the current status of the connector market, the development trend of the board to board connector is very fast, and the application is more and more widely. And the smaller, lighter, and cheaper design of the board-to-board connector continues to drive the rapid growth of the wireless device market.

So the board to the board connector is undoubtedly becoming a hot connector products, below TXGA connector manufacturers mainly for everyone to analyze the board to the board connector application demand!

1. Board to board connectors will become smaller and cheaper in the wireless device market.

2.Reducing device size means saving space, reducing weight, and leaving more room for other system designs.

3. The size of equipment is constantly decreasing, and the size of required integration and equipment is getting smaller and smaller.

For example, RRH (remote radio head), which is widely used in distributed base station system, can be easily, conveniently and reliably installed in tower top and urban dense environment. The design needs to be very compact, and the size of coaxial interconnection system controlling RF signal transmission needs to be even more compact. Board-to-board coaxial connectors are replacing traditional and cumbersome cable assemblies, which are simple, compact, reliable, and capable of carrying over 100W of rf signals.

As currently envisaged, connector design engineer is on board the cognitive control is becoming more and more deep, design technology is becoming more and more high, more and more products are using the plate slabs board connector, the designer can consider more design cost, and the surface plate connector solution on the market demand is a simple design, lower cost.

On the other hand, since the connector size is no longer getting smaller, the mechanical structure design will also face two major challenges:

1. Small size connectors are more difficult to align than large size connectors.

2, small size connector mechanical strength is low, such as improper use, it is easy to damage. In general, large connectors can withstand greater mechanical forces during mating without damage, but smaller connectors need to be more accurate when used together.

Above is a detailed analysis of the current market demand for board - to - board connector applications. To learn more about connector products, please continue to pay attention to txga website :https://www.txga.com/

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