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TXGA car connector for your safety every time you drive

TXGA car connector for your safety every time you drive

The form and structure of automobile connector is ever-changing, which is mainly composed of four basic structural components, namely: contact parts, shell (depending on the variety), insulator, accessories. In the industry, also known as jacket, connector, plastic shell. TXGA provides high quality electrical and electric interconnection products for all types of vehicles, such as hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

Automatic driving

We are committed to working with customers and other industry technology developers to create end-to-end automotive data connectivity and integrated wiring solutions, which will effectively drive the further development of autonomous driving.

Second, automobile information entertainment

TXGA products offer fast, reliable and responsive connectivity solutions for the next generation of intelligent networked vehicles.

Pure electric

With the new energy vehicle voltage and current upgrade, high voltage and high current environment to connector to go more stringent. TXGA provides safe, reliable, and efficient distribution and transmission solutions to key industry technologies.

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