TXGA connector for home appliances, enhance the connection reliability and stability of home appliances

TXGA design solutions are designed to meet the daily needs of home appliances. From the charging data of the mobile phone to the communication sensor in the home appliance, TXGA provides the corresponding solution. We help you to improve the connection reliability and stability of various types of household appliances, improve the daily use of household appliances experience and work efficiency.

TXGA offers not only a wide range of standard products, but also customized solutions.

One, from small to big

TXGA provides connectors of various sizes with different spacing to meet the needs of connectors/wires for different volume products.

Connector solutions for household appliances

TXGA provides customized connectors/cables with high quality, stable and safe connector products to penetrate all aspects of production and sublimation.

Smart home

TXGA offers custom cables and connectors to meet the design needs of small smart devices.

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