Why did the connector fail? Solutions that promote long life cycle of connectors

Connector is an important link in industrial equipment. Whether it can work properly also determines the efficiency of industrial machinery and equipment. So how do you deal with connector failures? How can you promote connector longevity? See below

There are four main causes of connector failure: wear, poor selection, extreme temperature, and improper design and installation. Here are the details:

1. Degree of connector wear

Repeated connections and breakage of the connector cause the metal on the contact to wear and corroded when exposed to water, dust, dirt, and other irritating elements, making the mating pin may not engage properly when inserted into the connector housing.

2. Improper connector selection

For example, selecting suitable for moisture environment requires special industrial connectors. If standard connectors are used instead of IP68 or IP69 class or sealed connectors, water can cause connector failure. Choosing connectors that are too small can also reduce efficiency, thereby shortening the service life of the connector.

3. Connector extreme temperature

Connectors will eventually fail if their rated temperature is not too high or too low. Because connectors are not designed for high temperatures, insulation fails and electrical conductivity peaks. If operated at continuously high temperatures, these spikes raise the temperature, which may lead to corrosion and ultimately to reduced contact forces. This affects electrical signals propagated through connectors and cable assemblies.

While cold temperatures do not affect connectors as much as high temperatures, if you know your application needs them, consider a low-temperature design. Continued exposure to low temperatures causes tin-coated connector materials to soften, increasing contact resistance. In addition, low temperatures can affect other parts of the connector, such as brittle plastic shells.

4. Connector design and installation are improper

If connector applications are subject to shock, vibration, and other disruptive factors, it is important to have safety designs that produce strong locks. Connector contacts, mating housings and even cables can be damaged if not securely installed. In addition, connector and cable assemblies must have appropriate strain elimination and mounting wiring, and use guide slots, cable brackets and cable seal sleeves to help ensure rated connector assembly life.

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