How do you classify connectors? You can refer to this connector category form

How do you classify connectors? TXGA has a detailed list for you to follow:

1. According to the cross-section shape of the open terminals of the separable interface, it can be divided into Pin(round) /socket and Post (square or rectangle) /receptacle.

2. According to the mode of permanent connection, it is divided into mechanical connection and welding connection.

3. According to the connected media carrier, it is divided into: wire connector and board connector;

4. According to the mechanical connection mode, it is divided into Crimp connector; IDC connector; Wrapped connector; Press-fit connector; Clamp connector... ; According to the welding mode, it can be divided into: SMT connector; Reflow connectors; Perforation (PTH) weld connector, wave soldering, wave soldering) connector

5. According to the shape of shell, it is divided into: rectangular connector; Circular connector; Soft shell connector; D-sub connector; Ribbon connector. According to the material of shell: LCP connector; Nylon material connector; PBT connector.

6. According to the structural characteristics of signal layer and grounding layer, it is divided into coaxial connector and non-coaxial connector

7. According to application frequency: high frequency connector; Low frequency connector; Mixer connector.

8. According to the industrial system, it is divided into: aviation, navigation and national defense connector; Connectors for household appliances; Car connectors; Communication connector; Energy connectors; Industrial connectors; Connectors for office supplies; Data transmission connector; Enterprise network connector; Connectors for home entertainment devices; Connector for intelligent residential use; Automation and control connectors; Lighting connector; Medical connectors; PC connectors; Connector for railway transport; Solar connector; Test connector; Nuclear facility connector...

9. According to current carrying capacity, it is divided into: signal terminal and power terminal; Power connector and signal connector.

10. According to the number of connectors used in connection, it can be divided into: one piece connector (such as plate edge connector), two piece connector and three piece connector

11. According to specific purposes, such as IC connector (PGA), IO connector (Displayport, VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB), optical fiber connector, filter connector, CATV connector, backboard connector, memory stick/memory connector (DDR,SIMM, DIMM,PCI,SIM) sub-board connector; HDTV connector; Flexible circuit board connector, network cable connector (RJ45), audio video (AV) connector, battery connector,

12. Classification by size or version: large connector, standard connector, small connector, super small connector, micro connector, super micro connector

13. By polarity: male head/anode connector; Female/cathode connector; Intersex connector;

Also can press the pin number and spacing of points (e.g., 2.54 pitch connector), standard (number) (such as American standard connectors, IEC603 connector), insertion force (such as zero insertion force a connector), welding way (perforation weld connector, table connector, BGA connector, DIP connector) terminal arrangement (single connector, double row connector), precision (grade precision connector or test level), grade, application of voltage (high pressure connector), sealing, waterproof connectors, installation (panel installed connectors, wall connector installation), Communication protocol (such as USB connector, HDMI connector) classification.

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