5 kinds of outer packing materials commonly used for cable connector

TXGA gives you a detailed introduction to the 5 outer packaging materials commonly used in cable connectors, please pay attention to the following:

1. The heat shrinkable tube

The heat-shrinkable tube is tightly wound around the wire to smooth the rough surface, providing insulation and electrical insulation, the adhesive backing tube provides a strong seal to prevent moisture and chemicals from corroding the wiring harness assembly, requiring the use of a hot air gun, which increases production time, and may be difficult to apply throughout the harness.

2. The casing

Extensible or can packaging of casing pipe is easy to install and highly flexible, which can realize fast, easy wire bundle, woven polyethylene casing is very popular, because it is durable and light weight, even at low temperature, also can maintain complete flexibility in any direction, make the cable components and wiring harnesses can be repeated bending without damage.

3. Spiral wound tube

The spiral winding pipe allows cable connectors with electronic wire harnesses to enter and leave the outer packing material at multiple points, and also provides a variety of color options that can be easily identified, for example, orange is commonly used for high voltage applications.

4. Split loom tube

The split loom tube is cut from the side down for easy insertion into cables and electrical wiring bundles. After installation, the cut is closed, eliminating the need for thermal shrinkage or dispensers, thus reducing production time. The plastic tube is usually made of polyamide, polyethylene, or polypropylene.

5. The tape

Single-coated pressure-sensitive tape can provide a variety of backing materials and pressure-sensitive adhesive, while PVC is the most commonly used tape material, but other materials can also be used, including cloth, felt, foam and aluminum foil, in addition to minimizing the flexibility of wire harness.

For 5 outer packing materials for cable connectors, see above. For additional connector product parameters, please see TXGA product center.

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