How to improve the quality of fiber connector stably?

How to improve the quality of fiber connector stably? In order to ensure the quality of communication equipment and the safety of users, TXGA feels it is necessary to distinguish between high quality fiber optic connectors and poor quality fiber optic connectors.

We know that the current mainstream rapid optical fiber connector often is mainly composed of V groove, matching liquid, embedded optical fiber, plastic accessories, such as components, its main core technology is to rely on high precision of V groove to realize optical fiber alignment, high performance matching fluid to ensure long-term reliable connector, all this need a connector manufacturers have basic materials research and development ability.

At the same time, it needs to be verified through a large number of years of experiments, and the technical threshold is quite high. Meanwhile, it also needs strict and precise production process control to achieve stable quality of mass production, which has high requirements for manufacturers.

Therefore, to steadily improve the quality of optical fiber connector, the first page should start from the three aspects of its connector:

1. First check the packaging materials of optical fiber connector

The high quality optical fiber connector is generally made of PC injection molding, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life and smooth and beautiful surface. And durable mechanical structure, can withstand different climate change and harsh working conditions.

2, then check the applicability of optical fiber connector cable

The high quality fiber optic connector is suitable for ribbon cable and common fiber optic cable. The internal welded plate can be flipped according to the installation requirements, and there is enough space for the optical fiber tray. Each cable and fiber can be constructed individually.

3. Finally, check the capacity of optical fiber connector

High quality fiber optic connectors are small in size and large in capacity, can be installed with fixed modules of different adapters, easy to install and maintain, and can be installed on walls and poles.

However, it is far from enough just to check the optical fiber connector connector, and to ensure the quality, its long-term reliability is not indispensable.

Generally, the following three indexes can be referred to, namely, temperature cycle and moisture and heat test, tensile and torsion test and repeated plug and pull test, which are important methods to effectively measure the long-term reliability of optical fiber fast connector.

1. Temperature cycle and heat and humidity test

Temperature cycle and moisture and heat test are the most effective methods to reflect the long-term reliability and service life of optical fiber fast connector, which should be an important link in the bidding test of optical fiber fast connector, but it is often such an important test, but because of the time consuming and occupying resources, most bidders give up. At the same time, some people think that optical fiber fast connector is basically used in indoor, environmental testing can be eliminated.

However, first of all, according to the stability of the matching liquid in the fiber optic fast connector, the aging characteristic test of the material connected with the v-shaped groove and the external plastic material not only reflects the temperature characteristic of the connector, but also directly reflects the service life and reliability of the product. And our country is vast, climate environmental conditions change greatly, especially in the outdoor light distribution box and poor environmental conditions of the corridor light distribution box connector will also undergo severe environmental test; Therefore, the temperature cycle and heat and humidity test should be an important part of the bidding test.

2. Tensile and torsion test

For cost reasons, most fiber optic fast connectors are plugged directly into the ONU terminal and are not well protected. The complex operating environment of ordinary users makes the fixing of optical fiber fast connector and leather cable easy to become the frequent point of failure.

Fiber fast connector and leather cable fixed way design each manufacturer has its own characteristics, the quality is also uneven. In some bidding tests in the past, many manufacturers of fast connector can not pass the test of tensile resistance, torsion resistance and so on. And this part of the product once put into practical use, it will cause great hidden dangers.

3. Repeated plugging and unplugging test

Often encounter a few fast connector to pass a few days in making finish or insert after pull out a few times, can appear ineffable and wonderful decline loss increases a phenomenon. Therefore, we suggest that the repeated plug and pull test, as one of the most important indicators reflecting the stability of optical fiber fast connector, should be included in the routine test items.

These are essential to improve the quality of fiber optic connectors. Although the product of optical fiber fast connector is small, its quality directly affects the whole ODN link. The selection and testing of the product should be rigorous and comprehensive. Even if the conditions and time are limited, necessary and sufficient testing conditions should be selected. In connector products, TXGA can guarantee your connector quality, safety and reliability.

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