Principle of insulation resistance of aviation plug

What is the principle of aviation plug insulation resistance? We know that insulation resistance refers to the resistance value presented by applying voltage to the insulation part of the aviation plug socket connector, so as to generate leakage current on the surface or inside of the insulation part. The insulation resistance Ω (M) = on the voltage (V)/insulator leakage current (mu).

Through insulation resistance test to determine whether the insulation performance of aviation plug can meet the requirements of circuit design or withstand high temperature, humidity and other environmental stress, its insulation resistance is in accordance with the provisions of the relevant technical conditions.

Insulation resistance is a limiting factor in designing high impedance circuits. Low insulation resistance means high leakage current, which will destroy the normal work of the circuit. For example, the formation of feedback loops, excessive leakage current generated by the heat and direct current solution, will damage the insulation or make aviation plug electrical performance deterioration.

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