Aviation plug type naming rules

What is the naming rule of aviation plug model? The name of aviation plug model is the basis of customer procurement and manufacturer organization. In the aviation plug industry, the product model name has two ideas:

1, one is to use the letter code and number method, and strive to reflect the main structural characteristics of the product in the model name. The advantage of this approach is that it is easy to identify, but the arrangement is too long, too complex, and with the miniaturization of aviation plugs, it brings a lot of difficulties for printing.

At present, the domestic still popular this way, and in some industry standards and even national standards made provisions, such as sj2298-83 (printed circuit aviation plug), sj2297-83 (rectangular aviation plug), sj2459-84 (ribbon cable aviation plug), gb9538-88 (ribbon cable aviation plug) and so on. Due to the increasing diversity of aviation plug structure it is more and more difficult to cover a certain kind of aviation plug with a naming rule in practice.

2. The idea is to combine Numbers in Arabic. The benefits of this approach are simplicity, ease of computer management and small product logo printing. International major aviation plug manufacturers are currently using this approach. It is to be expected that the practice of naming by individual manufacturers to reflect their own characteristics will gradually replace the practice of uniform naming by the whole industry under the planned economy.

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