Sma adapter types and introduction

What is sma adapter? Sma adapter, also called sma adapter, is a type of conversion connector components, mainly as a bridge, such as male head to female head, male head to male head, female head to male head.

What kinds of sma adapters are common? Interfaces are classified into the following three categories:

1. Threaded connection

Such as Sam to 7/16, sma to N, sma to TNC, etc. Due to the use of screw type connection, plug and socket with more stable, reliable, anti - vibration anti - collision ability.

2. Bayonet connection

Use sma to BNC. Due to the bayonet type connection, easy to use, not easy to loose connection, separation and very fast, a lot of medical equipment, electronic instruments used.

3, plug connection

Such as sma to SMB, sma to MCX, etc. Its characteristic is some adopted the locking structure. Most are small, light and compact. It is suitable for instrument and equipment with requirement of weight and volume in the system. It is suitable for drawer type, arrangement type and block type installation.

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