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The invention relates to a mother-to-mother connector [utility model] | TXGA patent

TXGA connector company received a patent for a mother-to-mother connector.

Inventor: li qun

The patent number is ZL 2016 2 1464239.5

Patent application date: December 28, 2016

Patentee: shenzhen tesja industrial electronics co., LTD

Authorization announcement date: August 8, 2017

Abstract: the utility model discloses a female to female connector, aimed at resolving the mother of the female connector in the process of placing the problem of easy to accumulate dust, the technical solution is: including female connector on both ends of the wire and the wire harness, also including the dust cover package female connector, described dust cover connected with female connector removable clamping. The utility model has the following characteristics: the dust cover is wrapped around the periphery of the female connector, which greatly reduces the accumulation of dust during the placement of the female connector; The dust cover can be disassembled and connected with the female connector. When the female connector is needed, the dust cover can be removed without affecting the normal use of the female connector. The dustproof cover is connected with the female connector by the way of clamping, which is convenient to disassemble and improve the working efficiency.

Main claim: a mother-to-mother connector, including a wire harness and a female connector at the end of the wire harness. Its features include: a dust cover covering the female connector, and the dust cover is connected with the female connector by detachable clip.