List USB connector product model _ function _ purpose and use environment

What is a usb connector

USB connectors make it easy to add devices to your computer without requiring parallel or serial ports. The device can be plugged in and used, but it is sometimes difficult to use.

Usb connector features

1. Equipped with A Type/B Type/C Type/micro Type /Mini USB male/female socket and other interface designs

2. DIP/SMT/clamping/welding wire are available for installation

3. Elastic design is adopted at the contact parts of terminals to ensure good contact performance and long life

4. Meet the requirements of temperature resistance of various welding equipment parameters.

Usb connector configuration function

USB defines the following four transport types.

● control transmission: send short commands and queries to the device, or receive the status response issued by the device.

● interrupt transmission: very small packet transmission to ensure fast response, such as mouse or keyboard.

● block transfer: large data transfer with error detection, such as printer or hard disk, etc.

● synchronous transmission: real-time streaming data transmission without error detection, such as speakers.

The driver inside the device sets the device type for each downstream device, and depending on the device type, the operating system can load standard drivers. HMI device class (HID) and mass storage device class (MSD) have drivers that come with the operating system. Other types include audio classes, printer classes, video classes, and test and measurement classes. In addition, USB also specifies vendor classes to allow customer customization.

Purpose of usb connector

Suitable for computer, mobile phone and other electronic devices for information or power interface.

How to use usb connector

When choosing usb connector, there are many factors to consider, among which environmental parameters are one of the most important factors, including temperature, humidity, air pressure and so on. Under different environmental conditions, the use of usb connector is also different, here to introduce some extreme environment using tips.

1. High temperature environment

The metal and insulation materials of usb connector determine the working environment temperature of the connector. High temperature will destroy the edge material, resulting in reduced insulation resistance and voltage resistance; High temperature can cause contact pair to lose elasticity, accelerate oxidation and coating deterioration. The normal ambient temperature is -40~80℃.

2. Humid environment

Relative humidity greater than 80% is the main cause of electric breakdown. Humidity caused by water vapor on the surface of the insulator, absorption and diffusion, easy to make insulation resistance is reduced to below level M Ω, long-term in a high humidity environment, will cause physical deformation, decomposition, escape products, have a breathing effect and electrolysis, corrosion and crack. Especially in the external usb connector equipment, often consider the environmental conditions of moisture, water infiltration and pollution, this case should choose sealed connector.

3. The temperature changes sharply

The humidity abrupt change test is to simulate the actual use of usb connector in a cold environment into a warm environment, or to simulate the rapid change of ambient temperature of space vehicles and detectors. Sudden temperature changes may crack or layer insulation.

4, thin air environment

In the thin air of high altitude, plastic emissions of gas pollution contact, and corona generation trend increase, voltage performance decline, make the circuit short circuit fault. At a certain altitude, plastic performance becomes worse. Therefore, when using an unsealed connector at high altitude, it must be reduced in value.

5. Corrosive environment

According to the use of usb connector in different corrosive environments, the connector with corresponding metal, plastic and coating structure is selected, like the connector used in salt fog environment, if there is no anticorrosive metal surface, the performance will deteriorate rapidly. Silver plated connectors should not be used in contact with pairs in SO2 environments with comparable concentrations. Mold is also an important problem in hot flash areas.

Is it necessary to use high quality usb connector when designing electronic products?

Expert answer: the problem that this netizen mentions is a lot of usb system designers often encounter, also be a mistake, because when designing, often underestimated the importance of connector and used cheap and bad quality connector. While this may seem like a cost savings, the subsequent maintenance costs are considerable. Low quality connector can cause usb system can not operate normally, product recall, product liability cases, circuit board damage, rework and repair, and finally will lead to the loss of users, which I believe is not what enterprises want to see. Therefore, when designing usb products, do not underestimate the importance of connector, and choose a high quality and suitable usb connector.

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