Vh3.96 terminal current products: supply high-quality 3.96mm wire to the board connector manufacturer

In China, VH is short for connector in Chinese people, and 3.96 stands for 3.96MM interval, so it is short for VH3.96. While VH is generally a 3.96mm wire to board connector, TXGA can provide high quality and reliable vh3.96 terminal current products.

For example: TXGA FWF39601 product. The wire-to-board connector is simple in structure: the electrode (contact) is placed in the shell (rubber shell). There are two types of contacts: "plugs" and "sockets" in the form of rods or sheets.

The plug is completely squeezed into the socket and covered to achieve "pairing". Generally speaking, a socket is connected to a wire and a plug to a substrate, but this can be swapped depending on usage. The connection between the wire and the contact is usually done using a "pressure joint" technique, such as a pressure joint terminal.

Connecting wires and contacts can also be "pressure welded," while pressure welded technology is used for low-current connections that allow full connection by simply connecting insulated wires to contacts. This method, while convenient, may be less durable.

The above two technologies can avoid overheating caused by soldering technology and protect the connection from damage. In addition, the airtight connection area keeps the connection stable because it is not exposed to air. The following are the specific parameters of the model FWF39601

FWF39601 VH3.96 parameters

Product name: board socket 3.96mm plug-in 180°


Delivery cycle: 1 week

FWF39601 VH3.96 type

Type: board socket socket 180°

The number: 2 to 12

Spacing: 3.96 mm

Height: 9.4mm

FWF39601 VH3.96 electrical

Rated current: 7.0A AC(RMS)

Rated voltage: 250V AC(RMS)/DC

Contact resistance: 10 m Ω Max

The insulation resistance: 1000 M Ω Min

Voltage resistance: 1500V AC R.M.S.

Operating temperature range: -25℃+85℃

FWF39601 VH3.96 material

Material - metal: phosphorous bronze

Material - contact plating: tin

Material - terminal plating: tin

Material - resin: PA6T ul94v-0 /PA66 ul94v-0

FWF39601 VH3.96 pictures

FWF39601 VH3.96 sales drawings

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