Wafer connector quality spot supply

TXGA can provide high-quality off-the-shelf wafer connector. The line should be on the wafer socket product. At present, such products have been updated to the product list of TXGA line to the plate connector.

In order to facilitate the majority of visitors to better understand the wafer connector, the following is an example of a wire-to-plate socket product's role in the wafer connector.

Take the example of wire to plate socket _wafer connector product: FWF25401 plate socket 2.54mm 180° plug-in

Name: board socket 2.54mm plug-in 180° [click on red font to know the price or purchase of this product]

Delivery cycle: 1 week

Wafer connector type

Type: board socket socket 180°

The number: 2-16

Spacing: 2.54 mm

Product height: 11.4mm

Wafer connector electrical

Rated current: 2.5a AC(RMS)

Rated voltage: 250V AC(RMS)/DC

Contact resistance: 20 m Ω Max

The insulation resistance: 1000 M Ω Min

Voltage resistance: 1000V AC R.M.S.

Operating temperature range: -25℃+85℃

Wafer connector material

Material - metal: phosphorous bronze

Material - contact plating: tin

Material - terminal plating: tin

Material - resin: PA66 ul94v-2

Wafer connector sales drawing

What is wafer connector

Wafer connector usually refers to the connector base (Wafer seat). Normally, the Wafer connector is assembled together by the metal piece and the plastic piece. It is usually used on PCB board.

This is based on the name of the seat body adopted by MOLEX company. MOLEX company is the developer of wafer connector, which is also called the original factory by domestic connector manufacturers. But why do many enterprises choose domestic substitute manufacturers instead of MOLEX company? The reason is that the technical difficulty of wafer connector is not high. In the case of transparent manufacturing process materials, the quality of wafer connector is the same. However, due to the globalization of the original factory layout and limited energy, the delivery time is not as fast as that of substitute manufacturers, and the price is not advantageous. So many manufacturers choose to substitute manufacturers.

Wafer connector application scope

Wafer connector is widely applied, no matter it is small to bluetooth headset or large to aircraft, there is always a presence of wafer connector. Of course, stability is the requirement for its performance.

If you need a large quantity of wafer connector quality off-the-shelf products, you can go directly to TXGA product center for details. Registered users can quickly place orders online, with guaranteed transactions, saving you a lot of time and cost.

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