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In order for the majority of users to better understand the Jane cattle connector products, the following introduction Jane cattle results and functions, and an example of Jane cattle connector product description:

Jane cattle connector structure

Jane cattle are usually square plastic socket and a number of neatly arranged square needle composition. The difference between the simple ox connector and the horn connector is that the simple ox horn has been removed with the buckle on both sides.

According to the requirements, the peripheral dimensions of Jane cattle connector are commonly used in three specifications: 1.27 spacing, 2.0 spacing and 2.54 spacing. Depending on the spacing, the diameters of the quad rows used are changed accordingly. The bottom contact surface with PCB board can be designed as SMT patch type or DIP direct insert 180 degrees.

Jane cattle connector function

After welding the Jane cattle on the PCB board, connect the IDC line of the corresponding specification, and then make up the circuit connection mode required by the designer with other circuits. Usually used to transmit control signals and weak currents.

Example Jane cattle products: FBH12701 Jane cattle connector 1.27mm 180° plug-in (9T)

Name: jianniu 1.27mm (180° plug-in) [click the red font to know the price or purchase of jianniu products]


Delivery cycle: 2 weeks

1.27mm Jane cattle type

Type: Jane cattle 1.27mm 180° plug-in

The number: 8-100

Spacing: 1.27 mm

1.27mm Jane cattle electrical

Rated current: 1.0A AC(RMS)

Rated voltage: 250V AC(RMS)/DC

Contact resistance: 20 m Ω Max

The insulation resistance: 500 M Ω Min

Voltage resistance: 100V AC R.M.S.

Operating temperature range: -40 ° C~+85 ° C

1.27mm plain ox material

Material - metal: brass

Material - contact plating: gold

Material - end plating: gold

Materials - resin: LCP/PA9T ul94v-0

1.27mm Jane cattle sales drawings

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