TXGA can provide wafer connector products of complete category

TXGA can provide you with a full range of wafer connector. Shenzhen tesja industrial electronics co., LTD., the leading connector manufacturer in the industry for 14 years, has complete equipment and perfect trading service process, which makes you save time and worry.

The information of the wafer connector product you need, or the price of the wafer connector, has been listed in the TXGA connector product center. You can click on the red font to know the details of such products.

Recommended products:

FWF12505 board mounted socket 1.25mm (9T)

Type: board socket stand stick

The number: 2-15

Spacing: 1.25 mm

Product height: 4.8mm

FWF12511 Wafer 1.25mm Wafer (9T)

Type: board socket stand (gold plated)

The number of: 10,20,30,40

Spacing: 1.25 mm

Product height: 4.8mm

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