Describe the design standard of automobile connector

Description of automotive connector design standards,TXGA for you

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, all kinds of functional parts and parts on the automobile are developing to the direction of intelligence, precision and reliability from time to time.

The automobile connector must conform to the specification of USCAR -- 20, which is the performance specification of the automobile electrical connector system, and the electric connector contact surface must be firm for the entire service life of the automobile connector.

It includes the following elements:

1. The data of connector contact is stable and reliable;

Stability of positive force; 3.

3. Stable voltage and current of the circuit;

Four, the temperature request within the range of the rule, including the temperature around and its own temperature rise;

Good robustness; 5.

The connectors must be the same as those used in high-speed and long interval communication computers. Automobile connectors must be able to work reliably under harsh conditions.

Vii. Connector insertion force: less than 20.5kg;

8. Connector persistence: more than 2.5kg;

Heat resistance: - 40~120℃.

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