Four components of automobile connector are introduced

Introduction to the four components of automotive connectors, TXGA provides you with:

It is with these four basic parts that automobile connector can play the role of bridge and keep the stability in the running process.

1, contact parts, automobile connector can complete the electrical connection process completely depends on it. Without it the process cannot proceed.

2. The shell is the outer coat of the automobile connector, just like the fur of animals. It plays a protective role for the inner device and inserting pin, and also plays a role in fixing the connector to the equipment.

3, the insulator, it is the base of the car connector, the main or played a role of insulation. In addition, it can arrange the contact parts according to a certain position and distance.

4. Accessories. The accessories of automobile connector can be divided into two parts, namely structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories are mainly used to maintain the structural stability of the parts, such as collar, positioning key, positioning pin, guide pin and so on. Installation accessories are the parts used for fixing during installation, such as screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc.

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